Does your team deserve shooting, stabbing & poisoning?


A corporate event should be stunning, exciting, fun, inspiring and last on the memory of your guests like the finest food, wine and company. A corporate event should reflect your organisation like a mirror. Everything about it will be kept in the memory of your guests like clues to recall your brand. The quality of the event should echo your professional standards in every way. And that’s why Playing Dead is the only choice for murder mystery entertainment. The entertainment we purvey appears effortlessly relaxed but we take our client commitments very seriously. We strive to be the best and offer an unmatchable mix of experience, ingenuity, professionalism and integrity. Our track record is impeccable and we bring a freshness of approach to murder mystery that makes the corporate event an accomplished masterpiece. We invite you for an unforgettable taste of blood.

Freedom of choice


Playing Dead offers a free venue finding service for all clients. We don’t receive any reward from the venue. We are impartial – and this allows us the freedom to choose from a wide list of proven locations to best suit the needs of your particular event. We strive to match your budget and preferences to the most suitable location and have a database of breathtaking venues to recommend.

Training can be murder...


Are you a training manager faced with the challenge of finding ways to strengthen your team in a new and stimulating way? Playing Dead offers the solution, as inherent in our events is an essential mix of entertainment, problem solving and team building, combining to make a powerful learning experience. On a Playing Dead murder mystery, participants have to engage in individual and collaborative effort. They’ll work together to solve puzzles, share intelligence to develop theories, laugh together as they enjoy the intrigue, learn new skills, present and justify proposed solutions and compete to solve the crime first. Our entertaining events can be tailored to the specific needs you may have to develop your team.

Put us to the test!


We wholeheartedly believe that we offer the best murder mystery entertainment in the business and we’d like to prove it to you. Contact us and put us to the test.

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