For a thrilling night of murder and intrigue, our events are for you. With an evenings entertainment including dinner designed for 40-60 guests, these are fast paced plots with the emphasis on fun sprinkled with intrigue, twists and a murderer to unmask.


Alternatively, if you have a party large enough you can book your own private evening event. We provide a venue finding service to ensure we offer the perfect location for your unforgetable event. Interested? Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Our plots...taste the mystery

The Grave Affair of Walter Beauchamp

Mystery shrouds the death of eccentric inventor Walter Beauchamp. On the day of his funeral it soon becomes apparent that all is not what it seems - what lies beneath the benign faces of his friends and servants? With the reading of Walter’s Last Will and Testament the adventure takes a further unexpected twist....

The Late Dr Falstaff's Cryptic Quest


This full weekend event is pure Da Vinci code - with conspiracy theories and puzzles that lead to plot twists and turns. A cryptic thriller of a plot - one for you if you feel you're upto some challenging puzzles and are willing to risk all to uncover the truth....

Good Mourning Campers


Holiday time in 1953 and everyone loves to join in the fun at Chitlin’s. But before the bathing beauties start their parade there’s murder in the camp and the owner is found face down in the Olympic sized swimming pool. With so many motives and a takeover bid in the offing who’s hiding the biggest secret of all?

All Clear for Murder

As the bombs fall in the Blitz of World War II, the local community forgets the troubles of war to celebrate a wedding. But the celebration soon turns sour due to the arrival of an uninvited guest - murder!

A Lesson in Murder


Come to your School Reunion - Wear your old uniform, or dress as a teacher!  Laugh with old friends, Dance to the vintage disco! Share fond memories, and, for some, settle old scores:

Everyone is invited - including murder...



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