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Whether hotel, restaurant, conference centre, exhibition hall or function venue, you invest a huge amount every day in delighting your guests, visitors and customers. Playing Dead has the same ethos and we partner with venues to provide the most entertaining and unforgettable murder mystery events.

Kid Gloves


As professional event providers we appreciate the trust you place in your suppliers – your customers’ perceptions are in our hands and we take this contract of trust very seriously. This is why our events are meticulously planned and carefully crafted to ensure that all guests have the most fantastic and memorable time. With a proven and talented team plus the highest quality standards in everything we do, Playing Dead is the premium professional partner for murder mystery entertainment – one you can trust and rely upon.

Partners for the Public


If you would like to run a murder mystery event sold to the public on a per person basis then Playing Dead is your perfect partner. We will provide the entire entertainment package and you provide the place. We will run an evening event on the basis of 40-80 guests, a mini-break with 30 to 60 guests or a full weekend on the basis of 20-60 guests. The only guarantee we require is that the minimum guest number is reached to ensure that the event is financially viable. As partners, we will share the marketing of any public event with the venue and together build a loyal customer base for murderously good repeat business.

Two Way Street


As a venue you may be looking for an entertainment supplier and Playing Dead should be your first choice for murder mystery. As an event company we are often asked for venue recommendations and we prefer to work with the venues we know, have experience of and a relationship with. Choosing to work with Playing Dead is a two way street with benefits for both.


If you have a client looking for an unforgettable evening, break or weekend then Playing Dead offers tailor-made entertainment to fit. We work nationwide (and sometimes further afield) to run murder mystery events for corporate clients and private parties. We will work with you to ensure that your client’s event is their flavour of perfect.


As a first step we’d invite you to put Playing Dead onto your portfolio of entertainment for your customers to select from. If you’d like to discuss a specific event – whether public or private function – please contact us to discover more about how we work and what we can offer.


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